Paleo Challenge Week #3 Recap

Another week of the Paleo Challenge is in the books!


We’re both so happy to be cleaning up our diets again and feeling so much better because of it. We hope you’ve joined in with us and are feeling the positive benefits as well. Let’s take a look at what we’ve been eating this week:

paleo challenge week 3

1 – Breakfast, lunch of dinner of champions (at least in my book): Eggs with sweet potato (or plantains) and avocado.

2 – Sam hasn’t been eating eggs lately as she’s testing how it affects her so it was a larger pile of sweet potatoes and avocado for her!

3 – If you can’t tell, we’ve been eating a lot of sweet potatoes this week. Sam had it paired with a side of kale and ground beef.

4 – Chocolate craving? Sam made a really delicious chocolate avocado pudding. But if you ask her, it’s “chocolate guacamole” 😉

4 – Sweet potatoes, bacon and strawberries. Perfection.

5 – I swear that isn’t just a giant bowl of kale. Under neath is a pile of sweet potatoes. All were sautéed in coconut oil with a lot of garlic and sundries tomatoes. Yum!

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