Saving Puppies & Reaching Goals At Black Dog CrossFit

black dog cf

Our events in Oklahoma were back to back to back – Saturday at Choctaw CrossFit, Sunday at CrossFit 1055 and then Monday at Black Dog CrossFit.


We all have fitness goals, yes?

For some that may include walking 15 minutes a day, for others that may mean running their first 5k, and for others it may be getting a new PR on a certain lift.


Sam and I are no different. When we set our goals for 2015, we both included at least 1 fitness related goal. A big one for me is to get my first pull-up and while I’m not there yet, I know I’m getting closer.

Another fitness goal for me is to get Double Unders. I can do one every once in a blue moon but to consistently get them and to the point that I can do them in a workout, I’m just not there yet.


Insert Black Dog CrossFit and I’m one step closer!

Our WOD for the day was a two-parter:

black dog WOD

I was sitting on my rower, looked at the owner/coach Darren and said “2x singles?” and he said “no, 3x!” I’m sure you can imagine the look that followed. 😉


But when the workout was done, regardless of the look I gave, I grabbed my rope and kept jumping, kept trying for those double unders and sure enough I got one and then I stopped. Darren was standing by and gave me a few tips so I started jumping again and next thing I knew, I was stringing a few together.


Don’t get me wrong, I still have a long way to go and I’m not quite ready to incorporate them into a WOD but it’s a step in the right direction and a step towards one of my fitness goals being met. And to do that while rescuing puppies? Perfect.


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