The Story of CrossFit Vitruvius

People often joke about drinking the CrossFit “kool-aid” but there’s something that happens when you walk through the doors. The support, the encouragement and the push to constantly be improving is addictive, there’s absolutely no denying that.


But what happens when your box is suddenly at risk of closing and that place that you’ve come to love may not exist? For some, you may start figuring out where to go next but for others, you buy the box and keep it open.

That’s exactly what happened with CrossFit Vitruvius.


Visiting different boxes, meeting their members and owners, and hearing their stories about how they came into CrossFit, what it’s done for them and how much it means to them, is just some of the amazing things we get to witness this year.

When you mix that with working out to give back, it just doesn’t get any better.


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