Wear Green, Donate Green & Avoid the 50 Burpee Penalty At WildFire CrossFit

wildfire cf

Well ladies and gentlemen, we have a winner!


And by winner we really mean a new top spot on our leaderboard…


Mid-way through our event at WildFire CrossFit on Tuesday, things started to get really competitive and a wager was set between the owner of CrossFit Protocol (Scott) and one of the coaches at WildFire (Matt). If WildFire could raise more money for the charity than Protocol did at their event, Scott would have to do 50 burpees; but if WildFire couldn’t raise more for the charity than Protocol, Matt would be stuck with the 50 burpee penalty.


From that moment forward, it was on! The countdown was set and members rallied to save the puppies.


And if the wager set wasn’t enough, the coaches at WildFire decided if they didn’t surpass Protocol, ALL of the members would be doing the burpees, not just Matt.


If there wasn’t reason enough already to donate and help save the puppies, avoiding burpees will do the trick!


Members came dressed in green, then donated green and at the end of the day, took a sigh of relief and celebrated as they took that top leaderboard spot and were able to avoid 50 burpees…at least for now!

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