A Not So April Fools At CrossFit Raw Appeal

The story left off as we were headed to Vegas for two days of events. The first being at CrossFit Raw Appeal and conveniently located right next to a mechanic so we could have those brakes replaced while the event was in session.


The first day of a new month means a new charity; it also made it April Fool’s Day but new brakes are no joke, they were quite necessary.


As we visit each gym and tell them our story, we always urge regardless of their ability to donate or buy a t-shirt to come chat for a bit after the WOD. Aside from the fact that we love getting to meet new people and talk to people other than ourselves once and awhile, we’re full of stories.


The story of the week being the story of the new brakes, driving down the mountain, getting the brakes fixed just steps away from this event, and the many friends and family from across the country who came together to help us cover the unforgiving costs of new brakes. While tragic at some points, inspiring in others.


A great event, fun stories shared, new friends made and thankfully free of any April Fools Day shenanigans.


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