Birthday Weekend In Napa

As you all know, Friday was OUR birthday…I turned 28 and Sam turned 25. When we routed this year we were very excited when it worked out to spend our birthday in Napa and even more excited when it worked for Sam’s mom to fly out and join us. She definitely spoiled us and we all had a great weekend celebrating!

Upon arriving to Napa Thursday afternoon, we made our way to find some lunch and enjoy our first glasses of Napa wine for the weekend.


Thursday wasn’t anything too exciting as we’d all had long days of traveling, were exhausted and ready to get to sleep especially with an early morning ahead of us.

Friday morning we rolled out of bed early to catch the sunrise as we prepared for our first ever hot air balloon rides. We were all a bit nervous but at the same time really excited but the staff at Aloft made us feel so safe that any worries quickly vanished and next thing we knew, we were in the air looking at Napa Valley from above.


It was so peaceful and calming as we looked down at the at the miles and miles of vineyard and the mountains surrounding.


After our hot air balloon ride, we made our way to brunch, pedicures and then massages. A little pampering was so needed.


Our birthday dinner was at Hurly’s and while Sam and I may mostly live in yoga or sweat pants, we dressed up for the occasion.


The food was really good and they even brought us some sorbet with candles to finish off the celebration!


Come Saturday morning, we slept in a bit (at least compared to Friday) before making our way back to Yountville for brunch at Bouchon and the Sip & Stroll Art Walk. We didn’t actually drink any wine but we enjoyed a couple mini macaroons that Bouchon gave us upon finding out it was our birthday and checking out some of the cute little shops.

Don’t worry, we didn’t go to Napa without visiting a winery. A couple weeks ago when we were in Albuquerque, NM and we met Jenn one of the coaches at CrossFit Petroglyph, she let us know about Schweiger Vineyards, a vineyard that a friend of hers owns. When you have a list of 750 vineyards and don’t know where to start, you don’t turn down suggestions. Lucky for us, Schweiger did not disappoint. In fact, aside from the beautiful views from the mountain top location, we all greatly enjoyed the wines and chatting with the owners and one of their employees, Erin.


Time flew by while we were at Schweiger and next thing we knew a few hours had gone by and it was time for us to move on. We said our goodbyes as we left for a shopping trip (we had to find costumes for our 50th event!) and to grab dinner before making our way back to the hotel for the night.

Sunday morning went by too quickly as we spent our morning in Yountville again for brunch before Sam’s mom dropped us off at Bullseye. With our 50th event the following morning, we had to prepare. It was a great weekend celebrating our birthdays, spending time with family (and getting totally spoiled, thanks Carol!) and having a few days to step away from all of the work that goes along with it.

But as you know, we have a huge mission in front of us and it does take a lot of work to pull off so we’re back to the grind, back to the hard work and preparations. We can’t wait to see where this adventure continues to take us!


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