Bullseye Makes a New Friend at Arachnid CrossFit

You know those people who make social media accounts for their babies or pets? We just became those people…except we made an Instagram for our RV, Bullseye!

No, we’re not kidding. We’re sure many of you may think it’s silly and wonder why we would do such a thing and while we agree, it’s kind of weird, at the same time our RV is sassy and a character of 50 States all on his own. So if you want to follow along on his adventure via Instagram, check out @BullseyetheRV! We think you should… 😉


On Friday Bullseye even made a new friend while we spent the day at Arachnid CrossFit in Watertown, SD. While his new friend may still be quite a bit smaller, he was quite happy to have some company for the day.


Meanwhile we were inside with Sadie on the lookout for the members of Arachnid to come WOD with us and help the kiddos!


Arachnid was another one of those events that while added last minute was still an amazing event. Watertown was just about an hour north of our previous event in Brookings and upon hearing the 50 States girls were going to be in the area, knew they wanted in on the action and we were happy to fit that into the route and schedule.


We had a great day giving back and working for a great cause! Remember if you want to make us do burpees and give back to The Autism Site, there’s only a few days left to do so – go HERE to donate!


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