Burpees for Brookings

The burpees are racking up! Not sure what we’re talking about?

We hung around CrossFit Brookings this past week, enjoyed “story hour” and made sure everyone knew that we want to do burpees help the kiddos!


With just a few days left to donate to The Autism Site to help get therapy to children with Autism, now is the time to donate. Now is the time for us to come together as a community. We watched as this amazing community at CrossFit Brookings came together.


From the college students, to the adults and everyone in between who walked through those doors on Thursday. They took on the WOD and they joined our mission to give back.


This year is bigger than us. We may coordinate and show up but ultimately it’s the amazing communities and gyms that we visit that make this possible, that remind us that every sleepless night and long drive is worth it.


So with coffee in our hands (or tea in Sam’s case) and Bullseye the RV ready, we left CrossFit Brookings so happy and honored to have spent the day with such a fun and amazing community!


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