First City CrossFit

We are a bit late to the First City CrossFit recap but we had birthdays to celebrate and obviously those had to come first. Now that we got a few days to enjoy Napa, it’s time to play catch-up, starting with our time at First City last week (don’t worry, the Napa recap will come)!


Last Monday we started our day at First City CrossFit in Monterey, CA. A friend knew one of the owners, Frank, and helped make the event happen. We were so happy to spend the day with them.


As we travel from box to box, we always meet a variety of athletes at a wide range of fitness abilities. It’s honestly one of our favorite things. We can walk into a gym and regardless of what the WOD is that day, know that the workout can be scaled to where we are (or where the other athletes are).


That was exactly the case with the WOD at First City CrossFit. While intimidating at first look to some, totally scaleable for everyone.


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