Firsts In Vegas At Hard Times CrossFit


After Tuesday nights 7 hour drive from Minden, NV to Las Vegas, NV, on about 2 hours of sleep for an all-day event, I’m sure you can imagine our excitement when we pulled into our Walmart parking spot for the night only to see the next morning’s event location, Hard Times CrossFit, a mere 15 steps away. Talk about a first!


Quite honestly, this wasn’t the only first of the day. This was our first time to Vegas. We didn’t have much time to actually SEE Vegas as it was smack dab in the middle of a busy week with events Tuesday through Friday but we appreciated when Craig, one of the owners of Hard Times CF offered to show us a bit of the city after the day’s event.

IMG_4942Hard Times CF is a gym built on community and we loved getting to spend the day talking to their members and raising money to get therapy for children with Autism.

Plus, it was another one of those gym’s where Sam got to make a new puppy friend…


And while there is no photographic proof, she also got her first double under – go Sam!


As they say, there’s a first time for everything…our shortest commute to an event, Sam’s first double under and our first trip to Vegas!

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