Flash Back to the 80s At BoxCar CrossFit

Let’s go back in time, shall we? 


Like maybe to the 80s?

Monday we celebrated our 50th event on the road at BoxCar CrossFit in Roseville, CA. It was the 50th event + birthday celebration + 80s theme and it was fun!


We had raffles for those who donated from our awesome partners Life AsRX and Reebok.


And we got a whole new appreciation for the ladies of the 80s who worked out in their leotards and spandex…leotards hold all of the heat!


Regardless, it was a great day and a super fun event as we worked to help get therapy for kids with autism. Remember that you don’t have to be at one of our events to donate, so if this is something near and dear to your heart, you can always donate HERE.

APRIL donate

Thank you to Phil, Tiffany, Andrew and Rosey for having us and throwing us a killer 80s party! We can’t wait to see you all in SoCal in a few months!


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