The 50 States In A Year WOD

It’s not uncommon for us to be asked if there’s a certain WOD that is supposed to be done at our events…a “50 States” WOD so to speak. But quite honestly, we always tell boxes to create their own WOD for the day. Some have chosen to do longer and more intense hero WODs, some have chosen to keep with normal style programming with a strength/skill focus and a shorter AMRAP or METCON workout.

Not only is it fun for us to see what each box comes up with, it helps change things up for us so we aren’t doing the same workout every day.


With that said, there is a 50 States In A Year workout. It’s not one that is necessarily done at events, but rather one that I created and have done on the road. Basically what that means is that it’s one that while yes, it can be done at a gym, this is a great workout for those of you traveling or who may not have access to a gym.

It requires one piece of equipment – a jump rope. If you’re doing this on a hard surface, I would recommend a yoga mat and an ab mat. Since we’re often working out in a parking lot (Walmart, truck stops or rest stops), they are necessary. 😉

50 states WOD

Now, go get in a WOD!

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