The Dart To Iowa And CrossFit 8035

Our “dart” to Iowa ended up being a bit more dramatic than we imagined as the highway was shut down in Wyoming due to a blizzard and a few really big car accidents. We were feeling extremely grateful we missed the major pile-ups but spending two days in a truck stop while trying to get to our friend’s wedding, wasn’t a lot of fun.


Thankfully the roads opened back up and we left at 3am getting out of the area just before the roads closed back up when the blizzard came back for another round. 12 hours later we made it to Des Moines and while we missed the wedding, we were able to get ourselves all put together in time for the reception!


While Iowa was technically our 4th state of the year, making a return to the area meant we had to fit in another event. Because let’s be real, that’s what we’re doing this year and lucky for us CrossFit 8035 was on board to give back!


Sunday mornings at 8035 are Open Gym so we set up and spent the morning chatting with everyone as they came in for their skill work or active recovery. And as we do, as this year is all about, we gave back!


Thank you CrossFit 8035 for helping make this possible!


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