They’ll Be Coming Down the Mountain to CrossFit Ampersand

Once upon a time, two girls in a RV come driving down a mountain. They took a couple days to take in the scenery of Lake Tahoe while getting work done but now it was time to head back into a busy week of events. What they didn’t know is that as they were coming down the mountain, the semi squeaky brakes on the RV would suddenly become squeaky smelly brakes.


Upon getting down the mountain safely, they made their way to meet some new friends for lunch then get their brakes checked before that evening’s festivities at CrossFit Ampersand.


CF Ampersand may be a newer box but they were buzzing with excitement for the girls’ arrival and to finish off the month of March and the final push to save the puppies.


After a couple hours it was time for them to go. With their boxes packed, the RV fueled up and goodbyes to their new friends, they hit the road. It was to be a long night ahead of driving to Vegas but this story has to end here so the next can begin.


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