Unrested Assurance Starts Our 25th State

We had a moment on Saturday…the moment when you cross the state line for the 25th state of the trip. While we still have 7 more months on the road, we can no longer argue that we’re at the half way point. Maybe not half way through our year, but half way through the states. And that’s absolutely insane!

Obviously we’ve been hitting up more than one event in most states, so we’re well beyond 25 events. Actually we’re pretty close to 50 events, but we’re not talking about that right now. Right now we’re talking about CrossFit Unrested Assurance, the first event in state #25 – Nevada.


We pulled up Saturday morning greeted by this cute pup who immediately took to protecting Bullseye while we were inside for the event.

With only one class for the morning, we got to work right away.


It was such a fun group of people and you could tell they’re one tight community as they were all reminiscing over the previous evening’s bowling adventures.

IMG_4723With members of all ages and all levels, we WODed to give back and had a great time doing so!


Thank you to CrossFit Unrested Assurance for a great start to our busy week in Nevada and the first event of our 25th state!


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