“We just want to see this continue!” At CrossFit Artis

For some the Event Leaderboard is a point of motivation while for others the “every little bit helps” mentality works best. We get that and that’s why we follow both approaches and push each event appropriately. For CrossFit Artis, they wanted that top leaderboard spot and you better believe they earned that top leaderboard spot.


We had a huge turnout for Saturday’s event as they invited many other boxes from the community to join in for a fun partner WOD to give back.


But they were also very excited to give back to The Autism Site and help those kiddos.


We spent the morning counting down and celebrating as we got closer and closer to that goal; and then we passed it!


It was one of those mornings when we ran around taking as many photos as we could, but mostly talking to everyone and helping them donate.  Thank you CrossFit Artis for giving us a great event giving back on such a great scale and challenging future boxes to beat what they did. As Jon said “we just want to see this continue!”

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