Chia Pudding: Another Easy Recipe From the Road

Who’s hungry?

chia pudding 2

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been telling Sam that I really want chia pudding. Not because I expected her to make it but rather I was hoping she would remind me one of these days to make it before I went to bed so I could have it for breakfast in the morning.

But since one of our most asked questions is if we hate each other yet, let the fact that I woke up to a container of chia pudding one morning be your answer. (Aka no we don’t.)


Making it with coconut milk made it extra creamy and super yummy and after we both enjoyed it for breakfast the other day, Sam got to work on another batch for the following day. Being an event day made it super handy to have something to eat when we came out of class hungry and ready for breakfast.

chia pudding recipe

Sam topped hers with fresh sliced cherries and I topped mine with sliced bananas and figs. Easy and delicious.

Try it out and let us know what you think! Make sure to tag #50statesinayear if you post it on Instagram!

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