No Day Is Ever The Same: Our Day At Sopris CrossFit

It’s not uncommon for us to be asked what an “average” day is like and while we’ve shared a day in the life from Katie’s perspective and another from Sam’s, they’re still never the same. We have to take each day as it comes and some days that means parking for the night a little earlier than planned and waking up a bit earlier the next day to get to our event.


That’s how Thursday night went so Friday we were up extra early to finish the drive to Sopris CrossFit in Carbondale. While we were busy inside, Bullseye was outside enjoying the gorgeous mountain views.


We had fun meeting everyone at Sopris and loved watching everyone take on this rough workout.





We would have loved some extra time to stay and explore this gorgeous area but as the day ended and we packed up our stuff, it was time to make our way back over the mountain before the weather got too bad.

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