Reminders: Road Safety

road safety

We’ve been on the road for 6 months already (we can’t believe it either!) and in the 29 states we’ve seen so far, we’ve done our fair share of driving and seen our fair share of drivers and many of their bad habits. So much so that we thought it’d be important to share some road safety reminders with you all today. Maybe they’ll remind you of a bad habit you’ve picked up or maybe you’ll share this with someone you know needs it, let’s get back to safe driving, shall we?

Get off your phone! – More often than not when we pass someone who’s been going very inconsistent speeds, we look to see them looking down at their phone. I assure you people, that text can wait!

Bluetooth/Headset – So many newer cars are becoming equipped with bluetooth speakers these days but if yours doesn’t have it, buy one! Before we left for the trip my dad gave me the bluetooth speaker he bought for his truck and bought himself a new one. He knew Bullseye wasn’t properly equipped and while most of the time if our phones ring while we’re driving, we either call that person back when we’re no longer driving or allow the other person to pick it up, it’s nice to have that back up ready just-in-case.

Mount your phone for GPS – Having a GPS at our finger tips with our smart phones is a life saver but it doesn’t really help if you have to have it in the drink cup or hold it while you’re trying to drive. Get a mount you can clip to your vents so it’s at a good level and keeps you hands free. We got ours from the dollar section at Target!

Keep snacks/water within easy reach – This is especially helpful for those long road trips, especially if you’re going by yourself and don’t have someone else to grab those things for you. When I’ve done long road trips by myself or if Sam is going to be laying down while I drive, I’ll have her grab an extra couple bottles of water and place then within easy reach so I can stay hydrated without having to pull-over or risk impacting my driving. We also keep a basket of snacks (Simple Squares, RxBars, larabars, Mamma Chia) right behind the drivers seat so there’s never any concern.

Leave enough space before changing lanes – Yes, we know this is one of those “duh” reminders, but you’d be surprised the number of people who will cut off other drives (or big Bullseye the RV) when there’s plenty of space and time for them to safely change lanes. Because of that, this seemed like a reminder important to share.

What are some of your top road safety reminders?

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