The Community of Centripetal CrossFit

While it’s been quite around the blog the last few days, it’s been anything but quiet in our lives. Our friend Tina flew out to visit us for the weekend in Denver but before we got to have fun, we had work to do.

After yesterday’s event at Sopris and a long drive through the snowy mountains, we made our way to Centripetal CrossFit in Erie.


While at first sight Centripetal may not look like many of the other gyms we visit, they have what’s most important when it comes to CrossFit – a tight community.


Saturday morning’s WOD was tough and while we were all dripping in sweat and doing our best to push through, we were encouraging our partners and the other groups working out nearby. It was one of those workouts where if someone wasn’t there believing in you and knowing you could push through, you’d want to give up.


But no one did. Everyone made it through and while we spent a minute or two on the floor recovering, we all got up and celebrated a job well done.

Thank you Centripetal for a great event to help those in Nepal!

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  1. Thank you so much for coming to visit us Sam and Katie!

    Our members may think of Sam in the future when they hear burpees… so an even bigger thank you for being the bag guy to call out burpees every 2 minutes. 🙂

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