The Filthy Fifty At CrossFit Diem

While we may inspire some of the WODs picked for our events, we don’t pick them so we can’t be blamed when a workout like The Filthy Fifty pops up.


And while we all may look at this workout and know it’s going to be hard, know it’s going to kick our butts and make us dig deep to finish, look at the alternative. We could be digging deep as we figure out how to come back from a terrible earthquake.


We’re happy to be giving back to Habitat for Humanity International this month as we help get emergency shelter to the victims of the Nepal earthquake and CrossFit Diem started the month on a great note!


Besides for helping us give back, they came together to make us feel welcome; it was like we walked into a box filled with friends who we’d known for years.


Thank you CrossFit Diem for a fun day, a hard workout and being a part of something bigger than all of us!


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