The WOD for Nepal At Lowry CrossFit

We talk about this over and over, in fact we mentioned it in the recap for Centripetal the other day…but the best thing about CrossFit (aside from the amazing workouts) is the community. But that community doesn’t just stem from one box, it’s the fact that this community expands worldwide.


As we walked into Lowry CrossFit on Monday, meeting owner Christian, he started telling us his story into CrossFit, how opening this box was all about creating community.
IMG_1043The community at Lowry is definitely present and they were excited to come together and help give back to those in Nepal.


The WOD for the day was one created by a few other CrossFit gyms around the world who banded together to help those in Nepal. And then here we were, about to take our turn at completing the same WOD and with the same goal.


Just like that, the day was done, scores were in and Lowry not only banded together as a community strong, but they also snuck their way onto the Leaderboard.


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