The Wyoming Date That Almost Didn’t Happen At Mountain Fit


As you may or may not know, Wyoming was the hardest state for us to find an event. We reached out and reached out and over and over again were told “no” or simply given no response. We were frustrated and at the point of saying “okay, we tried our hardest to find an event, that’s all we can do” when Mountain Fit came along.


They were just moving to a new location but they loved what we’re doing, wanted to be a part of it and wanted to be the ones to give us the Wyoming event. And that’s exactly what they did!


Even as we walked in Wednesday morning, they put the morning class to work helping to re-adjust the turf and get everything just right before taking on the workout.


If they hadn’t told us they just moved in, we never would have been the wiser, but what got us more than anything was the excitement and community of Mountain Fit.


We didn’t know what to expect with Wyoming but this group made us feel so welcome and everyone was so excited to have us there; we couldn’t have asked for a better day!

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