We Can Run Outside In The Rain at Ruya CrossFit

It was raining in Boulder Wednesday afternoon when we pulled into Ruya CrossFit for our event. We dragged all of our stuff inside and started to get setup for the evening classes. As everyone trickled in and started to get warmed up, the question came up “if it’s raining, are we still running?”


Brian, owner of Ruya CrossFit, had an easy answer “yes! If those in Nepal are without shelter after an earthquake, we can run outside in the rain.” Simple as that.


As we went over the WOD, we knew it wasn’t going to be easy but once again Brian reminded us that it will be over soon.

ruya wod

Once we were all warmed up and lining up to start, the rain had passed. And just like Brian said, the workout wasn’t easy but as it got tough, we remembered why we were doing this and all of the people who need our help right now.


Those in Nepal are without shelter after the earthquake, we can do this. And we did.


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