Bullseye Joined the Fun At CrossFit Infusion

cf infusion

Our event at CrossFit Infusion was extra special for us and Bullseye!


While the event wasn’t until Saturday morning, it actually started for us Thursday afternoon when we joined some members for an afternoon workout and then joined Coach Tim for an evening at the range!



It was so much fun!

Friday’s workout included tire flips and you better believe I wasn’t going to miss that!


Getting to spend an extra couple days with the CrossFit Infusion crew really let us get a greater peak into their community and connect with their members so come Saturday morning, we already knew a handful of people who showed up!


It was super hot Saturday morning but with Bullseye pulled into the box to join the fun, we all got  going on the workout for the day – a running “Annie.”



It was fun, sweaty and we got more donations for the charity to help get shoes for children in need.


Thank you to CrossFit Infusion and Coach Tim for a great couple days!


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