Not Even A WildFire Can Keep Us From CrossFit Alaska

cf alaska wod


This year is full of stories and we assure you there’s always one to tell…like our drive from Fairbanks to Anchorage last week. We’re making our way and just a little over half way through the drive, we see this huge puff of smoke ahead. Immediately we knew it was a forrest fire but what we didn’t know was that we would spend the next 8 hours parked on the side of the road waiting for the clearance to finish the drive.


By the time we made it to Anchorage, it was after 6am and we were already late for our first couple of classes at CrossFit Alaska. Thankfully they understood that nature got in the way and we made a last minute change of plans to hang out for the afternoon classes only so we could get some rest after a night of no sleep.


When we got to CrossFit Alaska Monday afternoon, we were definitely excited for a fun afternoon as everyone was excited we made it and were ready to hear the story from the last 24 hours.


And while it may have been the last event in Alaska, it definitely wasn’t the end of the fun!

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