Make It Work For You (At CrossFit Unscathed)

Now that we’re coming off of the Games weekend, we’re finally in a place to start catching up on some work, including the long overdue recap for our event at CrossFit Unscathed!


One of the great things you hear us saying over and over again is how we love seeing how each box does things a little different than the last, how each gym makes things work for their community. That is exactly what CrossFit Unscathed does, as well.


After warming up as a group, we got right into the workout of the day.

unscathed wod

Once that was complete, we lead into the strength and finisher. While we often don’t get a strength or skill focus at our events, this was the first time we’d seen it at the end.


Every community makes it work for them and we love seeing how that looks each time.


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