A Tough Call

Sometimes we come up with the craziest ideas. Sometimes we decide to take the leap of faith and figure out how to make them happen. Sometimes we fly; sometimes we crash and burn; and sometimes it’s a mix of the two.

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Over a year ago, we had the craziest idea yet. We threw ourselves into the planning and development of that idea. We quit our jobs, bought an RV and hit the road. Sometimes it still doesn’t feel real.

It’s been a year that we can hardly put into words; full of many high moments, many low moments and a lot of good to help others! We’ve raised over $28,000 for the various charities, which is absolutely amazing!


We have also met some really cool people all across the country, many of whom we call friends. They’ve shown us around their towns, welcomed us into their homes for meals and/or showers, and allowed us into their gyms to meet the people that make their community something special.

But sometimes things don’t go as planned and they have to end sooner than expected or sooner than one would like.

Unfortunately that’s the case with the 50 States In A Year project. 

We aren’t going to go into much detail, but due to the fact that we’ve had so many people encouraging us and following along this year, it was only appropriate for us to share that with all of you. We appreciate your understanding and support.

Now with that said, we do have quite a few shirts and bracelets left so if you’re interested in getting some and helping clear out the inventory, head on over to our GoFundMe page and we’ll happily get them in the mail to you. (Note: shirts are at a discounted rate + shipping and still help us cover the costs of this year!. We appreciate your help and support!)

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For anyone interested in staying in touch or following where our lives take us next, we’d love to stay connected. Our personal social media links are below so don’t be shy to reach out and say hello at any time!






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  1. Kudos to you fantastic ladies for doing so good this year!! You helped many others and you got to travel all across the U.S.A.–very cool!

  2. Good on you for being brave enough to try, and having your eyes wide open enough to know when it’s time to do something else. I just encountered your blog and cannot wait to see what you got up to before my arrival here!

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